As written by Chef Lorenzo himself


-1 teaspoon of chaotic, fast-paced gameplay
-1 package of easy-to-pickup hard-to-master typing mechanic
-1 cup of  fun time management bits


-3 food-grade programmers:
Ali Jaya Meilio Lie alijaya - itch.io
Roni Setiyawan JungeFuchs - itch.io
Jonathan Franzeli myqpalzm - itch.io

-3 food-grade artists:
Muhamad Fajar Rafif MuhamadMentari - itch.io
Mega Anjani Putri (Hana) Hanassiy - itch.io
Elvira Ayuniar imbearcile/bepolarbear (@beruanglapar)

-and thanks to:
Kuuki Kei teamgehu - itch.io
for participating in the gamejam version.


Serve hungry customers,
get them satisfied, and in return, get their money,
 to help you get closer reaching the minimum sales target.
It requires a good balancing act between cooking, serving,
and managing all kinds of disturbance, all at the same time.

Type words above the dish to prepare em up.
Some dish requires additional process,
but more on that later.

Ready-to-serve dish goes to the tray.
Tray can only store limited amount of dish,
Press DELETE to discard a dish on the tray.

Serve dish to your paying customer by typing words above their head with their preferred dish, provided you already prepared the dish beforehand.
Serve them before they lose interest in consuming Italian cuisine.

When in doubt, press BACKSPACE to reset your typing
(and allowing you to choose another word to type)

Ocassionally, you’ll meet your official business competitor, Mr. Whisker,
trying to fetch your recipe by sampling the whole thing.

Unfortunately, diplomacy is a strange concept for him,
so the best course of action is
to let your trusty revolver to do the talking.

Type the words above the rat
to let the gun do the gun thing.

Type words on cashier to attain wealth from satisfied customer.
Meet the sales target by the end of the shift to advance
to next level!

This was a submission for GameJamPlus Indonesia 2022,
a 2 days game jam.

And we are proud to say that our game won several awards on
GameJam+ Indonesia 2022.

This game is like the refined version of it after 2 month-ish of  pain development,
though you can still download the gamejam version if you choose to do so.

You can check the announcement here:

We're still continue developing the game!

While the core gameplay is complete,
we  plan to add more contents like additional restaurant (with its own unique dishes) and flesh out more on the story and visual-wise.

Want to stay updated?
You can follow our development progress on our twitter page:


Updated 1 day ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Authorsalijaya, MuhamadMentari, teamgehu, JungeFuchs, Hanassiy, beruang lapar, myqpalzm
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Black and White, Casual, cooking, Fast-Paced, hectic, indonesia, Management, Relaxing, Typing
Average sessionAbout an hour


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The Chef's Shift - Refined Taste Version [v0.1.2a].rar 81 MB
The Chef's Shift - Original GameJam Version (Outdated) 31 MB

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I love this game! The storyline is so cute too, it's quite addicting to play, adding this to my favorites lol

Hahaha thanks! Glad that you enjoy it XD


I had a great time. Thank you for making it! Didn't think a typing game could get that hectic tbh.

Hey! Thanks for streaming our game! Glad that you enjoy it :D. We plan to continue this game and release the full version on steam :3.

And yes, in the current demo, the cop or another character in restaurant can't be interacted yet, but we plan  they have some interaction in the future :D.


The best typing game I'm ever play (not a fan of typing game). But, dang!!! This version is so hardcore, it really is a maso~~ type of game. I'm playing with the normal difficulty though. The dino and !@#$% language is really argh~~~~
And that mouse, really, can I just buy a cat for the resto?

hahahaha thanks XD... about the cat... might consider as an upgrade 👀... maybe pay2win upgrade lol XD jk...

but yes... I think that's an interesting upgrade to deal with the mouse... either cat or mouse trap XD

(2 edits) (+1)

Hi, hope you are well and keeping safe.

Have to say, I am insanely impressed by this. Was not expecting one of the Best Typing Games I ever played (sorry Mavis Beacon) when I started. Loving the Art style with the Paper Mario Influence as well as the emotional dynamics between characters.

The typing element alone is a great tool to help kids improve their typing. It made me want to increase the difficulty to the max in order to test my skills.

Only problem, I was not able to play the WebGL version, but I did download the Windows verison. Assuming you can get the WebGL Version to run on other devices like Tablets/iPad with external Keyboards, it can open up a wide player base.

Congrats again on winning Best Asian Game for Game Jam Plus.

I look forward to seeing your future work!


Hey thank you for the kind word! :D

We are really glad that you enjoy it XD

For the WebGL version, we are still not sure what's the problem, some people say that they have problem to run it, but some could run it ==a... we need to investigate it more I guess.

And congrats to you too to win Best Game for Africa Region :D


Keren banget versi terbarunya, sangat-sangat enjoyable pas mainin gamenya, mantap pokoknya!

wihhh tq sangat sudah dicoba lagi XD... doain supaya bisa sampe kelar ini devnya :')

kereeen bang gamenyaaa

yooo thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Dang! this game indeed hard had only one customer but already mess HAHAHA, just sometimes i got confused by which word i currently typed in, maybe highlight the active card can be less confusion. 

ah yes thank you for your feedback, indeed the highlight currently is not too obvious, we plan to make it easier to track which word you are currently typing XD


dang.. chaotic serve :D

hahaha, dinner dash is hard, this game is harder

well it's only the first level tho :v... if we go to the incubation, expect it to be harder lol